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A key to understanding reality

HR Navigator allows to make an accurate assessment of HR practices. Numerical indicators are insufficient to account for the reality: HR Navigator adds the dimension of perception, as experienced by different categories of internal “customers” of HR.

HR Navigator reveals strengths and weaknesses, identifies points of convergence and divergence, and detects factors of tension. HR Navigator provides a detailed map of perceptions, constituting a grid through which to read and understand realities.



A lever for development and performance

In any HR process, as in any marketing approach, understanding the needs and expectations of clients – is a prerequisite for success. Through HR Navigator, a company is after an image of reality, but also undertakes a process of change or transformation. HR Navigator is a powerful tool to help strategic direction and operational management. It allows one to influence policies and how they are implemented. It opens the way to reflection on areas for improvement and helps identify priorities for action.



A channel for communication and cohesion

To listen to perceptions of all customers of HR is to manifest one’s care for individual opinions. It is to recognize the human factor – a value equivalent to that of systems and processes. It is to develop a culture of feedback and to launch a positive feedback loop, involving all stakeholders in a process of progress. This is to lay the foundations for adhesion and cohesion, and to maximize the chances of collective performance.