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  • A “360 ° feedback” methodology, recognized as a powerful tool for development and performance, put to the service of HR.

  • A latest-generation software platform, to conduct automated questionnaire processing, to manage and sort responses, and to edit the report.



  • A novel approach, which puts the service relationship and “clients” at the heart of internal HR issues.

  • An innovative device, which combines the best in assessment techniques and investigation management tools.



  • A multilingual tool, enabling each respondent to use the questionnaire in the language of his choice (English, French, …).

  • A modular solution, which lets the customer choose themes for investigation and allows customization of the report.

  • A model adaptable to any organizational contexts (mono or multi-entity), allowing different levels of aggregation and interpretation of results.



  • A simple and friendly interface for users.

  • A lump-sum economic formula, independent of the number of questions and the number of respondents.