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In brief


HR Navigator rests on the assumption that HR issues affect all stakeholders of the company: each category of internal “clients” has its own expectations and perceptions of the company’s HR policies and practices.
HR Navigator enables a thorough mapping of these perceptions. It is at once an instrument for analyzing reality, a tool for performance measurement, and a lever for strategic action.



Inspired by the “360° feedback” technique, the HR Navigator solution comprises three key elements:

The Questionnaire

It is divided into eight chapters, covering the full spectrum of HR and management topics. Available online and in several languages, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Responses are processed anonymously.

The Sample of participants

The questionnaire is submitted to a sample of employees representing different categories of internal “clients.” The selection of the sample (about 10% of the workforce of the company) is made by the company, with methodological support from the HR Navigator consultant.

The Report

It provides a comprehensive view of HR practices within the organization. Offering several angles of results analysis, it highlights points of convergence, differences in perceptions, and areas for improvement. In fine, it facilitates drawing lessons and building operational plans.



The HR Navigator solution produces tangible and lasting results :

Evaluation of practices
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of HR practices

  • Measuring the impact and added value of HR policies

Performance of HR activities
  • Steering and alignment of HR activities on strategic issues

  • Developing quality of service and a “client culture”

  • Valorizing best practices as well as market differentiation factors

  • Strengthening both internal cohesion and external image



Power and Innovation
  • An innnovative approach, focused on relations with clients and quality of service

  • A latest generation software platform, to manage the survey and publish the report

  • A multilingual tool

  • Modularity (choice of themes, customizing the survey and report…)

  • Adaptable to all organizational contexts (mono or multi-entity)

  • Plain and user-friendly interface for participants

  • Lump economic formula


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